Ascoli, Mona Lisa

San Diego, CA Mona Lisa Ascoli has dreamed of becoming an oil painter since watching her father paint during her childhood. She studied both Art History and Nursing at Columbia University in New York, and then pursued a Nursing career in critical care. She began taking classes in Drawing and Painting after moving to San Diego, and began studying painting with Lela Harty in 1999. With her family raised, she is now enjoying pursuing her second career as a painter.

Brock, Beverly

I received a Certificate of Photography from New York Institute of Photography in January of 2000. 

Memories are made by you, I make them last forever.

Brosbe, Jeffrey R.

Visually, my work is built around shape, light, and shadow. The essence of my images however are moments in time which, in their contemplation, communicate my personal response to the world which is sometimes a wry, ironic smile, at others awestruck, and sometimes in a realm between these poles. I strive to have my images succeed both on their surface and after deeper consideration.

I have written that the creation of an image is the same as the creation of a Haiku: It should be whole and meaningful in itself while providing greater insight when pondered further.

Eckstein Jo-Lind

I work in a rather straight forward uncluttered manner, without much embellishment; allowing the simple beauty of what I'm working on to speak for itself. Composition is important to me, primarily the placement of  "objects" in the composition, trying to create an interest, a tension that draws the viewer into the work to see more than just the objects themselves. I work in several media; oils, soft pastels, acrylic/mixed, moving between subjects.

Everds, Joan

I strive to achieve a sense of classic elegance in my images. The focus of some of my work is still life (created in my home). I have long admired the paintings of Paul Cezanne and Henri Fantin-Lator, and the beautiful Polaroid photography of Marie Cosindas and have been greatly influenced by their still life compositions.I strive to achieve a sense of classic elegance in my images. The focus of some of my work is still life (created in my home). I have long admired the paintings of Paul Cezanne and Henri Fantin-Lator, and the beautiful Polaroid photography of Marie Cosindas and have been greatly influenced by their still life compositions.

Ferrone, Jenny Dr.

Although my professional life has been as a Mechanical Engineer, I have always had a love for painting. More than just the arrangement of color, value and masses, my intent is to try to convey to the viewer a sense of mood and natural beauty.

Gonzales, Dionito

Seascapes, landscapes, skies and natures are the frameworks of my passion as an artiste by which I\'m proud to share to all art lovers who appreciate the everlasting beauties that surround them. My friends, come on in to my world and I hope you enjoy some of many images I have created just for you.

Gould, Steve 

Over the past thirty years, Steve has made numerous trips to many parts of the world, always taking pictures - both above water and below. Photography has allowed him to capture the special sense and flavor of each country: the novelty of the scenery, the personalities of the people, the different ways they have of interacting with their environment.

Grischy, Valerie ---

Pastel is almost forgotten as a drafting tool, and I love to render very special athletes, the nature around us, or my animals with such a humble, beautiful, delicate and tender instrument.

The Erin Hanson Gallery

The Erin Hanson Gallery showcases the bold and vivacious oil paintings of California-based artist Erin Hanson. Her colorful and unique paintings bring new life to the contemporary art scene.  A blend of modern expressionism and classic impressionism, Hanson's works are collected by art museums and private collectors across the world.

Darlene Katz is an award winning artist, born and raised in Syracuse, NY, now based in Southern California. Darlene’s award winning work is displayed in Southern California galleries, national juried shows, and internationally in private and corporate collections.  Her inspiration comes from her travels as well as everyday scenes. She creates a series of oil paintings for each subject she paints, which highlight her versatility with color, value, and subject matter.  Darlene paints landscapes, figures, portraits and animals, and one of her specialties is commissioned work. She enjoys capturing special moments of our lives on canvas, whether it’s a wedding, birth, or a dog with a favorite toy. Her work is technically proficient without losing the freshness of her painting, no matter what the subject, and her unique style is recognizable in all of her work.  See or to view Darlene's portfolio and a complete list of current and upcoming exhibits. 

Knight, Suzanne

Suzanne Knight has been a San Diego resident for over 40 years. She began silk painting in the late 1970’s. Inspired by a kaleidoscope of nature, astronomy, life’s emotions and her four kitty kats, her love of silk painting has led her to produce many interesting derivatives of silk art. The absolute diversity of her medium is what keeps her on her artistic toes. Is there another form of art that you can wear, hang as art, decorate your home (curtains..pillows), use for many forms of dancing(veils...tutu’s), create theatre sets? I think not. Suzanne believes and operates under the premise that the “joy” is in the “journey”.

Mansfield, Carol

The artwork is the result of a “discussion” between the artist and the painted image as it is developing. The discussion process results in intuitive color and texture tempered by rational, sometimes mathematical, composition and detail. Experimental work with mixed media and collage also appears, as inspiration demands.


Mettler, Marion

Painting is a passion and always a challenge, and I seek to continue my ongoing search for the best ways to use art elements and principles to visually reveal meaning.


Nobil, Gwen

It has been said that artists are seldom bored, because with each new canvas comes a whole new world that the artist may create at their whim! I am frequently asked by new acquaintances what ‘kind’ of artist I am, or, more often- ‘what do I like to paint?’ I, perhaps innocently, feel no need to limit myself to one subject: I enjoy the challenge of trying to ‘capture the moment’ with plein air landscapes, careful studies of models for figure or portrait, or a still life that showcases the beauty of flowers or special objects. Each of these subjects is a source of continuing fascination.



Lappin, Katarzyna ---

I am a Polish born artist living in California since the year 2000. I started painting when I was 23 years old, initially under a guidance of a professional artist who introduced me to the techniques of the XVII century Dutch masters...

Ricksecker, Juli ---

Inspired and delighted by the beauty of landscape, I try to express the awe and wonder I feel through a variety of media on paper. I am fascinated with the effects of light on the colors and textures of the landscape, and with the rhythms and patterns of the shapes therein. I wish to evoke in the viewer some of the pleasure, peace and joy I feel when experiencing and contemplating our natural world in the form of the landscape.

Sanderson, Julie

Beginning in California, Grenada, West Indies, and then Connecticut, Julie continues to enjoy plein air oil painting. Since her early training, she has also appreciated the challenge of portrait commissions in oil and pastel of people and pets. She has also had a great time learning to carve leather, design stained glass overlays and paint walls and luggage with acrylics. She enjoys applying her artistic talents to many different media and surfaces.

May everything I do begin with His inspiration, continue with His guidance, and end with His revelation.

Schmidt, Barbara

My name is Barbara Schmidt. I was born and raised in Germany came to the USA in 1966, I moved to San Diego in 1999. I started painting at the Athenaeum with several of their teachers I paint in oil on canvas. My work has been shown at the Athenaeum, Sdai, Art walk little Italy, Art walk Coronado, Dell mar fair.

I love to paint and I never wake up in the morning wondering "what will I do today" I paint!

Sorrentino, Vita

Every Artist has his or her own individual vision; I consider myself a painter who deals in contemporary subjects. Watercolor is my medium of choice but now I am experimenting with Acrylics, - Collage, and Gouache, thus creating mixed media paintings. I work on paper, - canvas and any other surface that inspires me and makes my paintings unique. My ultimate goal is to enthrall the art enthusiast who is willing to look at my paintings and enjoy them as much as I enjoy painting them.

Spiazzi, Renata

In The Beginning....I was like a kid in a candy store! The colors, the Shapes, the Possibilities the Computer offered were something I had never been faced with. I drove into it and here are my discoveries!

Stanley, Dorothy ---

I am an award winning and internationally collected artist, most noted for my finding beauty in the everyday scenes that most of us take for granted. 

Valois, John

After a forty year career in the academic world, including thirty-one years as a psychology professor at the University of San Diego, I have turned to the world of art as the primary way to express my thoughts and feelings. I find the digital medium to be an excellent means of achieving this goal. While I did oil and acrylic paintings during the sixties and seventies, the flexibility and range of possibilities afforded by the digital medium are particularly exciting to me.

Zasloff, Lee ---

For me, painting is always about color, visual communication and searching for the unique or unexpected. My style emphasizes color and shape relationships, textural surfaces and enjoying the accidental. I work in conventional media using acrylic on canvas and watercolor on paper. I also create artworks digitally using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. Always, I feel the desire to speak sweetly, yet boldly, in the realm of visual communication using color and shape, imagination and surprise, spontaneity and the accidental to create a "magical reality" for the viewer.

Ms. Zasloff has a Master's in Fine Art from CSULB and was also the recipient of a full scholarship to The Cooper Union School of Art, New York, NY. Her work has been shown in juried exhibits both nationally and internationally.